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Tips for Painting the Canvas Shoes


Personalizing old, or even new, canvas shoes is an enjoyable project for both adults and kids who express themselves in creative ways. It's an affordable way of showing your personality through your outfit. Furthermore, paintings over your ratty and old canvass shoes can allow you hide all the holes and stains in it.

Plain-looking shoes can now have any style you want. All you need to do, even prior to purchasing the canvass shoes, is to get an idea of what you would like your shoes to look like. Just like any painting canvas, white can be the flexible background for almost any color of your selected pattern or design. Experimenting is required to find the best color combinations. Here are the steps to turning your drab footwear into artwork.


Create the design for your shoes. Select the pattern or graphics which you want to place on the shoes. You can look through comic books, magazines, or websites. Simple kind “personalized canvass shoes” into any search results and you will be able to access thousands of designs which you can use since your inspiration on your own. Print the selected design, reducing the size to suit IN the space within the shoe where you would like to place it.

Organize the canvas shoes. While you may work on newly or old bought shoes, it can be important to begin out having a dirt-free and fresh canvas. Clean your shoes with warm, water and soap. Check the tags if they're washable machine. Rinse carefully and allow it dry entirely on the flat working surface.

Apply the bottom color. When painting on canvass, it's best to make use of acrylic paint due to the fact the color is vibrant also it doesn’t fade simply. Mix the paints having a fabric medium depending on the instructions about the packaging. It is possible to buy this out of your neighborhood art supplies store. Cloths medium soften the acrylic paint, so it's going to not crack once you wear the painted shoes. Pick any color because the base. This will turn the painting surface smoother making painting your style significantly less difficult. It is advisable to make use of dark colors simply because these do not get dirty simply. Apply the bottom paint calmly with a medium-sized brush then let this to dry for an hour or

so, for the way many layers you used.

Sketch and paint the design on your own canvas shoes. This is available in art shops. Draw the simple shapes directly on the base. Fill in the drawn sketch with one color that you want to use. For a lot more intricate patterns or details, it is desirable to make use of fabric markers. Wait till the acrylic paint has dry before adding on the finishing touches with the markers.