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Teen Casual Wear for 2011


Casuals are very popular amongst teenagers. Here is a fresh lot of casual fashion for teenagers in year 2011.

The '70s Are Back

This spring, teens might be seen wearing clothes similar to what their mothers might have worn in the 1970s. From broad-leg pants to aerodynamic maxi dresses


Easy Casual Wear Tips

easy-casual-wear-tips Whether you are looking for college dorm comfort or soccer mom chic, the trick to wearing casual daily with style is the way to maintain from looking sloppy. For all those fortunate enough to dress comfy daily, the challenge is how to construct a core closet of basics with proper assortment to keep it from looking boring. Here are few guidelines to help you for a perfect casual look.


Choosing the Correct Watch for your Everyday Clothes


Practically everyone you meet has a way to tell time. In the past, almost every person had some type of wrist watch, an informal timepiece or perhaps a more formal one. Since the phone keeps accurate time because of the GPS chip inside the phones, the need for watch is lowering nowadays. But there are actually still some individuals who cannot help with buying watches on their wrists.


Looking Stylish on Each Day of the Week


Stylish looks does not refer to wearing what others do. It actually means being your own self. Your look and style should portray your personality and you should not be recognized by people as resembling some actor or actress from movies. Agreed that whatever you see in movies, advertisements or on other media platforms affects your sense of style immensely and you tend to follow the same.


Making a Gown from Everyday Clothes


Gowns are costumes that were quite popular in the medieval period and have even started appearing in trend in the recent days. It is fun to wear such types of dresses for plays, Halloween or other costume parties. Agreed that you can purchase all these gowns and dresses in the market but making them at home with your own good hands has an enjoyment of its own. What you need is just some clothes from your closet!